The Origin of Japan Video Games Insdustry Development

The success of Japan video games industry originated in the arcade. The first arcade game, Periscope, launched in 1966. But arcade games’ popularity decreased in Japan until the 1970s when Atari released Computer Space as their first game. Since then, arcade machines have increased, placed in various shopping malls and bars. It’s just that, as the Japan Times mentioned, arcade games are more popular because they offer better graphics.

One Japanese company that has reaped success from the arcade game business is Sega. And one of Sega’s arcade games considered successful was the Sega Rally Championship. The game was even regarded as extreme racing because it offered features of different frictional forces for other surfaces. Tetsuya Mizuguchi is one of the developers who developed the Sega Rally Championship.

Mizuguchi joined Sega in 1990 when he was 25 years old. He confessed that he wanted to work for Sega because he was fascinated by the arcade machines that Sega made. For example, the R360 is an arcade machine that can rotate 360 degrees. He told Channel News Asia that when he submitted his job application to Sega, he was not trying to apply for a job elsewhere.

Sega amassed a fortune in the ’90s by manufacturing and marketing arcade video games. This made Sega feel free to pour much money into the research and development division. Mizuguchi said that the company had a startup-like atmosphere when he first joined Sega. The reason is most game creators there are still in their 20s.

Unfortunately, in the 2000s, the arcade business started to suffer. This happened because of the console business’s development, which reduced gamers’ interest in playing in arcades. The sluggishness of the arcade industry has even put Sega on edge. Finally, in 2004, Sega decided to merge with Sammy Corporation. Sega survived bankruptcy. However, after the merger, the company’s atmosphere changed. The change prompted Mizuguchi to leave.